DU Recorder Review : Screen Recorder & Video Editor for Android

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About DU Recorder


DU Recorder coded by DU Apps Team. The same developer coded DU Battery, DU Antivirus and many other productivity apps. Luckily, this app gets 1 Million install on play store with over 424,341+ positive reviews. The sole purpose of this app is screen recording. But how it feasibly record video is the point. In this review I am putting my unbiased opinion about this mobile app. 

DU Recorder Review

Let’s start with the features.


Features of DU Recorder

  • DU Recorder app is very small in size.
  • It is both battery and memory efficient app. Practically, it took a couple of the percentile of battery after using for hours.
  • It is 100% stable. I am using it for over a week and it never crashed for once.
  • No lags has faced while playing games. You can capture 60FPS android game recording with DU Recorder.
  • A handy floating bubble will be visible on screen for quick recording. You have the option to kill the app after removing it from the screen.
  • Handful of options for android game recording. It provides 60fps recording at upto 1980 px and face recording.
  • Its video editor also comes with a handful of features. These are –
    trimming videos
    remove from center
    adding audios
    add subtitle
    adding background image to portrait video
    crop and rotation.
  • Image editor support basic editing with rotate crop and mosaic.
  • It record gif.
  • It creates lossless gif from recorded videos.
  • DU recorder offers shake or lock gestures to stop video recording.


How to install and start using DU Recorder

  1. Search and install the app from play store.
  2. Open it, the app guide through tutorial, complete it.
  3. From floating bubble click
    red circle for recording,
    animated square for options/settings
    video camera for quick option,
    camera to take a screenshot.
  4. Click on options. Swipe to options tab for different options which include editing video, video to gif and more.
  5. Your recording will save in MP4 format. Size will vary depends upon preference of quality.
  6. Swipe to setting tab to choose preferences. Their are lots of options to figure out. Few of them are
    video quality upto 12MBps bitrates
    FPS upto 60
    Resolution upto FHD
    Audio recording, etc
  7. Other than that you have options for controlling recording. Adding watermark, timer, background run, using gesture and more.
  8. Best part is that you don’t need to click save anywhere to save the configuration.



Cons & Limitations

No app is without limitations. While using DU Recorder I faced various issues which developers might have to look upon. Raise my voice fellas.
  1. No preference or options allowed for gif recording.
  2. Video to gif is pretty straightforward. No option to set quality and resolution.
  3. Gif recording lags a lot.
  4. Gif icon stay visible while gif recording. WHY?
  5. DU should invest their time to introduce animated PNG recording in android.
  6. Video editing has very few options. Elaborating the word FEW it does not support to add text in either video or screenshot.
  7. Du Recorder does not record internal audio.
  8. No self hosted cloud feature, it would be better with paid option.

Is it better than other screen recording android apps?

Yes it does often. DU Recorder is 100% stable app. As I already stated that it never crashes. Considering the performance, it is both ram and battery efficient. Being a AAA app, it does not overlay annoying ads while recording. Neither show background/lockscreen ads while operating mobile.
Being honest about features, this app should support adding text – caption over videos. It would allow configuring gif recording. It would be even better if there is no gif recording feature at all. Gif recording is a nightmare in this app. They know it and that’s why they come up with separate app.


DU recorder is an app by a trusted publisher, which make hardware efficient apps. Practically saying, it does not hurt gaming by lag or stuttering. Okay, here is my opinion on DU Recorder, you are free to put your own in the comment section.
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  1. How do I delete a video that’s recorded on DU
    It automatically records when I just record a video
    I would like to be able to press the button to put it on du

    • Hi steven,
      I am not able to get what are you asking.
      I hope you clearify it. Also, their is no such option to force put it on any other place so the video you record using du goes under du.


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