How to Download PDF Syllabus from SMU EduNxt Desktop Site

download syllabus pdf edunxt

What is SMU EduNxt

EduNxt is an online study portal design & maintained by Sikkim Manipal University. EduNxt main objective is to provide class room like environment to distant student. SMU EduNxt is pretty cool web portal for education in my opinion. Because it present you with everything from announcement to dean desk, book units to quizes. SMU EduNxt also offers forum where you can meet fellow students and discuss with consultants. However for some internet beginner its a sort of complication. This is what I have experienced with few peoples. Anyway, this tutorial will help you to download syllabus from edunxt desktop site. You can do the same with mobile app too, here how to download SMU study Material from SMU Moblie App.

How to Download PDF Syllabus from EduNxt Desktop Site

Step 1. Head to the EduNxt website and login using your credential. If you don’t know your login id or password follow this tutorial.

Step 2. Once you login, you will find yourself at dashboard. Find the “learn” link from top header menu. Click on it and you will be directed to the page with your faculty pic and Syllabus.

edunxt website

smu edunxt study portal

Step 3. Click on any of the book you will like to download PDF syllabus. The next page will show units. Scroll to the very bottom and find Additional Resources. Expand it and click on SLM – Library.

download slm edunxt

download study material edunxt

Step 4. Click on SLM to download it. Open zip file in Winrar/explorer and copy all the pdf files to your computer.

study material pdf smu edunxt


Your SLM will contains all your book units. You can upload it in your onedrive to access them from any device.


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