How to Download SMU Books PDF with SMU DE (EduNxt) Mobile App

download smu study material mobile

About SMU-DE App

Hi fellow SMU student. Previously on envytechblog, I have shown you how to download smu online study material pdf from EduNxt website. Now as I promised, in this tutorial I will show you how to do the same with mobile app. SMU-DE App which was previously EduNxt works for both iPhone and Android phone. The only difference in both the OS is their UI. The rest procedure is same.

SMU-DE app focus on *everything SMU* with a very light weighted mobile app. You can attempt quizzes, learn notes, and contact directly with helpdesk using the app. The former app had a bug regarding login but this one works smooth. You can have a look at our SMU-DE app review for more information regarding it.

How to Download SMU Study Material PDF from SMU-DE App?

Install & Login to SMU DE App

Step 1. In order to download smu study material PDF first download the app from play store or app store. Login using your roll no and password and enter the app. Now follow the below steps.

Downloading the SMU Book PDF ZIP File

smu de app

Step 2. Head to the Learn tab. If you’re previously reading notes, or attempting quiz. Keeping on tapping on the back arrow button until you see all your courses in circles.

smu de app learn course download smu mba notes

Step 3. Tap on any course. In this tutorial we are download sikkim manipal university mba syllabus pdf. The procedure is same for other courses. To download notes click on cloud button next to Unit name. Scroll to the very bottom and find Additional Resources.

download smu book pdf

Step 4. Within Additional Resources you will find two options. To download Model Question Paper & SLM Library. Click on SLM library and from the next page click on SLM – Library again.

download smu study material

Step 5. From the next page click on Show Attachment. Doing this will open your default browser and start downloading the ZIP file.

Extracting the SMU Study Material PDF in your Mobile

smu study material zip

Step 6. In order to extract files you should download RAR from play store. If you’ve already installed it. Wait for the download and once it is done, click on download from notification bar. Open in RAR.

smu book pdf mobile

Step 7. Extract the content to your specified folder and open any individual PDF using any PDF viewer you have. I suggest Onedrive suite.


SMU-DE app is a better alternative to EduNxt website. With the app you can learn on the go, sitting at your office, or lying in your bed. You can download your SMU online study material right from the app too. If you find this and other SMU related post helpful, please discuss it in your edunxt portal too.


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