How to Download & Play PUBG Mobile Game on Android

pubg for mobile

The most anticipated Official PUBG Mobile Game is finally out for Android Phones & iOS. PUBG developer teamed up with Chinese Internet VAS company Tencent to publish the mobile version of PUBG. Even on early stage, pubg for android is final build and show no sign of glitch or bug. But, the fact is that it does not available on Play Store and requires a special trick to play pubg on android.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can play official PUBG on Android mobile and iOS. All you need to download is few applications and setup account.
Though, the game UI elements are in Chinese language. I will also provide a tutorial to change PUBG mobile language to English. So lets follow the tutorial.

How to Download & Play PUBG on Android?

Download Tap Tap App from official Site

In order to download PUBG on android & iOS. You first need to download the app store which help you do so. Though, PUBG mobile is not available on Play Store due to language limitation. This Chinese build game is available on Tap Tap app.

Click on this link to download the Tap Tap APK right away. Or, follow this link to official site.

To download PUBG mobile on iOS, visit this link.

Install the app after download and open it.

Enter into Search field and search for PUBG.

Once you find the exact app, download it. This app may cost 600+ MB so you must have active internet connection. Idea user can use this trick to get free 512MB.

pubg taptap

PUBG Mobile System Requirements

  • Atleast 1GB or higher RAM
  • Atleast 1GB free space to install the app
  • Minimum 960×540 px resolution
  • Active internet connection of 1GB/day or higher

Setup WeChat Account

Remember wechat? The purpose of this messenger is finally here for Indian users. In order to play PUBG on mobile you either need Wechat or QQ account.

If you have QQ account and mobile app, you may skip this step.

Download the Wechat app and setup your account.

In order to signup you will need just your mobile number.

Keep the wechat mobile app open on background.

Playing PUBG Android Game on your Mobile

Once everything setup. Open PUBG mobile game. Its title is in Chinese. You might find it on the very starting or very last on your app drawer.

pubg android game

Make sure wechat is on background for just first run.

If for some reason the app may close after showing popup. Clear this game from task and open it again.

The complete app is in Chinese. Just to make it easy for you to play, I have attached the screenshots. Make sure to go through them all.

PUBG Android Game Screenshots

PUBG UI Translated

pubg game english translate

PUBG Mobile English Settings

In order to learn where is what. There are many of the videos available on Youtube to translate PUBG mobile settings in English. I have also embed the best out of them for you to try. Make sure to capture the screenshots.



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