Cred App Review : Get ๐Ÿ’ฐ Rewards for Gaana, Dunzo & Ibibo Coupon Codes


Cred App Review ~ Make Bill Payment & Earn Rewards

In this Cred App Review, we will read, what is this app all about, what it features and how it rewards on doing payment?

If you’re a credit card user then you must be looking for a way to earn rewards on credit card bill payment. Even thoughย app likes PhonePe and Paytm offers some recurring cashback on payment. But they either aย very small amount or sometimes they only pay for the first payment.

Last time when I pay my own credit card bill payment of 18K. I got Rs.50 cashbackย as well as Gaana 3 months subscription along with 500 Dunzo cash.

Oh, I still have some credit left to redeem more rewards.

cred coins

And, before this when I paid with PhonePe I get Rs,15 PhonePe wallet credit. Well, okay at least I can buy milk from Mother Dairy. But, is that enough for payment of 15K?

Do you have any good app to earn rewards on credit card bill payment? Shoot it out in the comment section.

That’s why I start using Cred.

But, before I start with more about this best credit card rewards programs. I will let you know that I am not affiliated with Cred and their company. And nor they are giving me a referral amount because there is no such program ๐Ÿ˜ž. I am just sharing it because I feel its worth to share.

Who are Behind this App?

Remember Freecharge, okay, we almost lost it. Who cares about this app anymore after Snapdeal purchased it.

The founder of Freecharge, Kunal Shah, bring us the Cred. With a revolutionary idea of bill payment and rewarding user. And with the help of Chinese VC company Morning side. They have gained $30 million from Morning side and other VC companies for their rewarding startup.

How to Get Started with Cred

First, download the app from the Play Store. Just open play store and install the Cred App. I am not getting referral amount so I am not sharing the link,๐Ÿ˜ˆ.

The next step is to sign up using your mobile number and OTP.

Enter your card details and get verified by Cred. They will deposit Re.1 (free money) into your credit card. Once after the verification, you are able to see credit score and few more details.

For signing up you will get 750 credits into your account.

For doing bill payment you will get the parallel amount. Say if you deposit Rs.5000 you will get 5000 cred credits. Which can be used for redeeming rewards. These rewards are mostly made for metro cities inhabitant. If you live in non-metro cities. You can avail 15% Myntra coupon or at least 3-month free Gaana subscription. That’s all gone worth you.!

cred rewards

How to Redeem Rewards?

Offers & Coupon Rewards

cred swiggy discount

In order to redeem your rewards. Tap on reward icon from the bottom menu. You will find a list of available reward in your city. Click on Get this to avail them. It would take around 24 hours or less to activate them.

But, they only activate reward if you have signed up to the respective app through the same mobile number.

#KilltheBill Cash Rewards

Other than these almost-useless rewards for homesick people. Cred also offers some rewards which have real-world value.

Just after doing payment of credit card. You will see a new notification in your notification bar. It may read something like getting cashback on 1000 cred point or something like that. I don’t have screenshot now but will add one later.

On spending 1000 cred point you will get a small cash amount of Rs.10, 15, 20, or maybe Rs.100 ๐Ÿ˜›. Unlike Google Pay which submits your reward amount into your account. Cred submits the amount as bill payment to credit card. Which help you sum up the extra on your even number payment like 1436.

Check your Credit Score and Bill Statement As Well

Smart Statementย 

This app also lets you check your smart bill statement. In order to do so. Head up to the Profile and on the top, you will see smart statements

This will trigger cred protect. Now Click on Activate Cred Protect and choose the gmail account you will like to link.ย 

Credit Score

In order to check your credit score, you don’t have to do anything at all. It will be visible once you set up your card.ย 

cred credit card experian score

Head to the home menu. The first thing visible to you is Experian Score. Click on view report to view more insight which includes –ย 

  • payment history
  • credit card utilization
  • age of credit history

You can click on tabs to learn more about what they mean.ย 

now come to the real question.//

Is Cred a Scam or Fraud App or Genuine?

No, it is not a fraud app. Yeah! People have these question because it asks for your Credit Card details. And, who’s not. You go to some random site to make payment using your credit card. You put your all details and that might be shared with people using that site. Unless they are using genuine payment gateway like Upay.

Now, what might arise more question is that you are make a large amount of payment to cred via UPI or other methods. Is that get credited your card?

Yes, it will. Cred use IMPS to make payment. But, still it takes at least 4 hours to make payment to your credit card. See the below screenshot and check the timestamp.

cred payment status

You can also get help for any individual transactions. Just head up to your Profile > Payment History > Click on your card > and click on payment. Scroll down to find “What is the status of my …” and tap on it. You can interact with Cred by tapping any of the option.

cred payment issueย 

Envy Vision

Now all I have left to say is that Cred is the best credit card rewards programs available for us in India. With the help of this app, you can get 3x benefits.

  1. If you pay via Google Pay or Phone Pe, you can earn a scratch card.
  2. On making a payment you will earn parallel points to redeem gift voucher and discounts.
  3. You can use Kill the bill and get micro cash reward on credit card.

Other than that, Cred is backed up by giant VC companies as well as the visionary mind of Freecharge founders. So, its better to keep killing your bill payment with this app.ย 

If you are using this app and have complains, feedback and something else to say. Please make sure to comment. I am waiting for your response. Thanks.

Cred Review
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