Windows Fan? Here how to Convert your Android to Windows 10 Desktop with just 2 Apps


Welcome to extreme PC Master Race. In this tutorial I will show you how to convert android to windows 10 desktop. Their feature would not be limited to just windows 10 launcher. You can also change open file explorer just like windows 10. Control status bar right from taskbar, and it comes with action center for notifications. For this tutorial we need just 2 app.
With the second app we’re able to use windows 10 lock screen in android. Ready? Let’s start then.

Please be note. This would not install windows 10 on android phone. For this I will start another tutorial soon.


Convert Android to Windows 10 Desktop

Download the apps first

Step 1. Download the Computer Launcher for android first to bring windows for andorid. Then download the Computer Launcher Lock app.

Setting up the apps

Step 2. The first app “Computer Launcher apk” does not required and initial setup. For vivo phone you should have to set up this app from default settings.


Step 3. For Computer Launcher Lock, the initial screen will introduce you with setup. It shows a lot of ads. So be prepared. You can add password, pin. Enable weather, notifications on lock screen. And change background. It supports 3D parallax feature too.

Step 4. Setup and leave the app. If your lock screen does not show after leaving app. Follow this guide.

Using Windows 10 Desktop in Android Phone

Step 5. Make sure you are keeping both apps in background. Use it in portrait mode only. This ain’t made for landscape and has scrolling issues.

Step 6. To change launcher settings. Click windows start menu icon > gear icon (just above power button) > Launcher Settings.


Step 7. You can align icons in desktop. You can not create folders like in android home screen. If you try to do so, the icons change their locations.


With two of these small apps you can bring windows 10 for android. If you’re enjoying these app you can upgrade to ad free. Its a complete app to convert android phone to windows. If you have any relative apps like this which are better and robust. Make sure to comment down your suggestion.


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