Get total control of your Instagram Page using Crowdfire Web & Mobile App – Read How?

use instagram with crowdfire

What is Crowdfire and how useful it is?

Crowdfire let you have total control on your Instagram page. You can create a post right from the desktop and publish it on your page with a crowdfire app. Why we need it anyway? The answer is simple. Instagram has limited features on its desktop site and Windows 10 app. You can take the photo using the Windows 10 app but can’t share gallery pictures. But who carry a laptop to take pictures anyway? That’s why Crowdfire.
Apart from post Instagram images on PC. Scheduling post is not present in the mobile app. Facebook has this feature but Instagram does not. That’s why Crowdfire web app.

Crowdfire is not limited to these two features. It has more silent features which you would like to have in the standalone app. Let’s first discuss the cool features of the Crowdfire app.

Silent Features of Crowdfire Web App

  • Crowdfire is free – Yes this online tool is completely free to use. You don’t need to pay any for basic platforms.
  • Platform independent – It is available on every platform. Use it on an android phone, iOS, Windows phone, Windows, Mac, Linux using the browser.
  • Multiple authentications – You can signup or login using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Multiple platforms to integrate – You can integrate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify, and more.
  • Sharing post on multiple platforms at once – Like HootSuite, you can post on wordpress and easily share to all of your platforms in a go.
  • Scheduling post – You can publish the post in a go or schedule it for the best time. It auto detect what is the best time to publish and notify you. You can choose what is the right time for posting by yourself.
  • Followers / Unfollow counts – It notifies how many followers I get in past 24 hours and how much I loose.
  • Different options for different platforms – Like for Twitter you can check which of the follower are not following you.
  • Gain traffic – You can use it to share someone else content on your social media and that someone else does the same.

How to getting  started with Crowdfire Web App to post Instagram using PC

Using the Web App

  1. If your motive is to using crowdfire for instagram then login using Instagram only. First login to and then open this link. Click on sign in and login with instagram.
  2. The next page will ask for authentication. Authorise crowdfire web app in instagram.
  3. Once after signing in, you need to complete a getting started … process. It first ask for your name, email and preferred tags.crowdfire instagram tutorial
  4. After everything is setup we are going to create a post.
  5. Click on compose now from top-right.create instagram post pc crowdfire
  6. With this online tool, we can publish a post right away, schedule it for the best time, schedule it for the specific time. We can include locations inside a post. We also have an option to input hashtag. All the tags you have selected during getting started auto complete when using ‘#’ prefix.instagram post on pc
  7. At the top of composing section, we have an option to add more platforms. You can add Pinterest alongside instagram.
  8. Click on the camera to add a photo to your instagram post, add caption and hashtag to your post. I am choosing “Publish Now” option for this post sake. I also added location Mexico to this post. It is cause I have never seen chihuahua puppies in India.

Using Crowdfire App for Mobile

crrowdfire mobile app

Now its time to install the Crowdifre app and publish our first post with Crowdfire App.

  1. Download the app, login and under compose click on My timeline. For the next time you publish now any post, a mobile app will show a notification to publish the post. Same with Best time and Schedule options.
  2. Click on a post now. The second page asks you to make sure you’re using same instagram account. Confirm it.
  3. It will open instagram app and ask for crop then filters. Do if necessary. In next step, you will be adding a caption. Long press in caption field and click paste. It will paste the entire content you added for a caption in the web app.
  4. I have faced an issue with location. Even though I selected Mexico City, it is not filled automatically inside the instagram app. I need to choose it by myself.
  5. Click on the Share button to post it.

So this is how you have posted your first instagram post using PC.

Have you ever wondered why you need the Crowdfire app for Instagram?

You suck in mobile keyboard – If you’re that type of person who does not prefer or sucks in the mobile keyboard. You prefer to use any third party app to the first post using PC then a tap or so in android.

Allow to post multiple images on instagram at once – With crowdfire we app you can create the bulk post in once. This can be the hassle while doing so in the mobile phone. Unless you have tablets.

Scheduling bulk instagram post – With this online instagram tool you can schedule the bulk post on pc. For privacy reason you have to complete the final step in your phone by yourself.

You don’t have a smartphone – This might be a case if you lost your phone. You can use any android app on BlueStacks App Player.

Professional purpose – Your boss prefers it, so do you.

Hope you have learned something new today. Old and pro user of crowdfire can suggest any features left behind by me via comment. I and our reader would like to hear your opinion on this post.


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