How to Convert your Website into Mobile Android App?


Why you need to Convert your Website into Android App?

Who don’t wants to convert website into android app? In the fast growing era, 51.89% of traffic are from mobile. Don’t believe me? Here is a survey of Q2 2018 taken by Stastia which proves it.

mobile traffic stats survey

As you can see the above graph, more than 50% of traffic reported in a survey is from mobile. The same was at 51.77% in Q2 and escalated to 51.89% in Q4 2018. It is reported to reach more than 55% in the next year.


I have a small task for you to do. Go to your Google Analytics and find how many visitors are from mobile or Desktop. You will find this chart on your dashboard. Here is mine, as you can see, I have a very high percentage of mobile users over desktop users.

Not just that. I lost over 2.4% desktop users and gain 1.9% mobile visitors. Although, I have a lot of Indian traffic. And tablet is not a popular device in india. That’s why I have very few Tablet users distribution in this graph.

Your Site traffic vs Youtube



Moreover if you’re seeing a huge drop in visitors on your blog. Don’t blame Google or your SEO strategy, blame yourself for not competing with youtube.

Now come to youtube. Youtube used to be a good platform for creating and monetizing content. But, now they have put restriction of 100,000 views in 12 months and 10,000 subscribers.

So, if you’re planning to earn money on youtube. You better buy viewers from Truelancer or totally forget about it.

… That’s why you need an Android App

Even Trumps approve it

And, the reason why you need to convert your wordpress site to android app is because the other option they use, are mobile apps.

Studies shows that people prefer to use native mobile apps to search on google, read articles and news. Rather than traditional HTML websites.

What is Needed to Convert WordPress Blog into Mobile App?

There are multiple ways to convert your blog into android app online.

But how much money you can spend on your small blog to convert it into app?

$20-$50 per month? $10-$15 per month?

… or $5 once.

$5 once seems to be a good deal right? Right. We at Envytechblog presents you a very cheap Website to App service. Which will cost $5 for a single website Android App.

After a huge success of Google Play Developer Account opening service. We have tried to open a brand new option for bloggers.

So, we end up with this Website 2 Android App service.

Cheap Website to Android App Service in India Online

Our wordpress blog to android app service starts at just Rs.350 or ~ $5. This service will help you get a polished read only android app to boost your site traffic.

This service starts with Rs.350 for an App with –

  • App icon, banner, and App splash screen provided by us.
  • Help, About Page, Privacy Policy
  • Free for liftime

You can compare all packages from below snapshot.




The higher packages gives you more functionality in your app.

These are –

  • Push notifications
  • Email, Firebase integration
  • Google AdMob Ads
  • Customized Screenshots for Play Store
  • ASO article, logo and banners

Currently, supported platforms for blog to mobile app are –

  • Self hosted WordPress
  • blogs

We are currently working on Reddit integration and this may take some time.

Which Package will be Best for You?


Rs.350 or $5 Package Blogger to Android App Service

If you are deciding to buy a Rs.350 package. You must know that we show our own ads due to very cheap price. And, that’s why I am sharing a simple idea who can go for this package.

  1. Affiliate website owners – If you have a website with affiliate product. Go with it. This way you will be able to earn money from your site.
  2. MLM Marketers – If MLM is your side kick, having an app will boast your business. Your whole app focus goes for the content and that’s why it does not affect your earning.
  3. Shortlinkers – If you earn money shortening links then this will be best for you. You can also publish your app on play store and double your earning.

Rs.850 or higher Package WordPress to Android App Service

These 2 are advance packages made while keeping low traffic bloggers in mind.

The motive of these cheap site to app package is to boost traffic as well as help them earn money with their app.

If you are running a blog site of any niche, say tech and wants to see a raise in traffic (earning, tbh). You can order this package. Once we deliver your app. Create a Google Play Developer Account (try this) and publish your app on Play Store.

That will help your site to get more audience, Your name will be higher on Skillinfinity list and you will able to double up your blog earning.


I think I already put a lot in this article about the advantages of having mobile app. So, now its upto you whether you need to match up the current status quo. Or live with the traditional standard of making money.

You can visit the service page and initiate the process right away. Or you still have any question. Drop it on comment box. I will be happy to solve your query. So, bye for now and happy blogging.


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