Buried Town & Buried Town 2 Review with Comparison

buried town review

No doubt that Buried Town and the sequel is an eye candy for undead fans. Both the game in series comes with survival and strategy elements. Both have almost similar gameplay but they both are different. In this review, I am gonna review both of the games separably then compare. If it is fair enough for you. Let’s proceed to firs the concept.

Buried Town Untold Story

You are Mr. Stranger in the first game and Claude in the second. You visited an unnamed apocalyptic city and soon approached an abonded home. Your in game house provides just shelter an you need to harvest food and tools by yourself. You can visit nearby stores and apartment to hunt left over. As a skilled person of the society. You’re gifted with crafting abilities which includes making weapon, foods, growing potato (Martian?) and extracting zombie virus to keep alive. And can pet a dog too. You’re (I) a (am) Legend.

The objective is to keep alive for dayssssssss.

Buried Town Concept

In order to survive you need to eat, keep your mood healthy and ass covered. Buried town done nothing new in zombie survival gaming series instead showing it in Portrait mode. Objective is to keep alive for longer acquiring all the necessary things.

In game Elements

Wounds – While fighting with zombies you can get wounded. Use bandages.
Infections – Mutilated zombies spread infections.
Hunger – Food – Food Can works well.
Vigor – Degree of fatigue. Higher makes you strong like Ash Williams.
Mood – It affects anyhow. Coffee is all you need.
Health – You will loose health in battle. And regain by taking rest.

Environmental elements like Day, Weather, Temperature and Time also affects in game experience. You may face zombies on road in night or in rainy days. Lower temperature can affect your body temperature and make you feel sick.

Time plays an important role in this game. Daytime reduces the chances of wandering zombies. In night time, zombies can attack your shelter. Though, it does not affect no. of zombies on a particular place like Shopping Mall. That one is scripted. You need to sleep at time in order to keep vigor meter up.
Visiting places charges time. Doing activities charges time too.

Both games offer you free supply by watching ads. Ads, they will stored in your internal memory, better not erase it. But only at random time.

As you start progressing in game. Chances of getting raid by zombies or survivors increases. And in order to stay them away you can pet dog or make fences.

Okay that’s the complete concept of both the game. Now start our first Buried Town Review.

About Buried Town

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5 stars – 46,265+
Total installs – 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
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App developer – locojoy game
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Buried Town Review

Buried town is what keeps me awake last night. It is addictive and short too. I had play this game on my office too, guess whose salary going to deduct this month. Anyway. Let’s start with the actual gameplay.

Game UI

Buried town the original in series had a lot of potential to be PC level game. The UI is clean and free of introductory tutorial. Which is an issue with its sequel. Their are very few things to do with the menu. Like you can not change visual, player name or choose difficulty levels. Though, you can skill your character or change them for real currencies.


The games does not give you any hint on pause screen. Oh wait, there is no such thing like PAUSE MENU at all. Your progress saved automatically once you hit back button twice.

In-game Elements

The overall interactivity with things and while fighting is like any visual novel. Yet thing happens but not visualize. Just a still image of them.

The health and other meters in buried town android game are expensive. The most annoying is hunger meter which charges a lot for any activity. Travelling from one point to another can charge the expense. Mood is totally avoidable at some extent. Though it has its little impact in fighting too. More the mood meter better you fight. Same with vigor. Developer should give an update on this game and alter expense of hunger meter.

Mr. Stranger can interact with other survivor in the city. Each character which could be playable has different traits. You can trade tools and help them with free fund food or stuff too. The game suggest to go good with them. If you have anything in spare better donate.
This can help trading less expensive.

You can buy a dog too. But with real world currency. Playing this game with a dog, the zombie raid in night gives me I am Legend feels.

Gameplay Duration

An average of my gaming is last around 10-12 in game day. The reason I die is hunger. I had played it around 15-20 times. This is the max and I get bored. Theme is too dark. Though it does not attach with my emotions to call it gloomy. The max you can play is 15-20 even you’re hard core zombiesm fan. The little of visual interactivity could be better. Guess what, they messed this in the second iteration.

Game Performance

Though their is no option to alter graphic settings. And the same data module would use in every CPU. The game would not lag in even low end mobiles. The UI size is good to be played in 480×854. Looks neat on qHD and higher resolutions.

About Buried Town 2


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Total rating – 74532+
5 stars – 2463+
Total installs – 100,000 – 500,000
Search parameter – buried town 2, zombie games, zombie apocalypse android game, zombie apocalypse survival game android
App developer – locojoy game
URL – Locojoy


Buried Town 2 Review

The second in the non-continuous sequel is Buried town 2 with even shorter name in Play Store. BT 2 brings intense of apocalyptic world with hunting elements. This time, you would enjoy some freedom of point and shoot and meet new zombies.

Game UI

Why would I mentioned introductory tutorial at all. (Ugh…) This game is boring for first gameplay. After then it leaves you totally occupied with your moments. On your fits in it will follow the android HD games status quo of introducing you with every little element. Messing everything in your mind.

If you say what could go horribly wrong with Portrait mode gameplay in previous game? Side scrolling fellas. Buried town 2 has side scrolling house and map. Though the game is in HD it looks good. But still, side scrolling makes me anxious :(.


Remember I complained about visual interactivity for original game? Now in this game zombies has animations. You shooting or bashing zombies head has animations. What more? Zombies has their own models too. Buried town is visually advance the first one. But mess with your low end android phone.

Easter Eggs or Inspiration?

Buried Town 2 is the absolute I am Legend fetish. Apart from just controlling radio and communicating with other survivor. You can hunt and trap a zombie. Do research on them and extract their virus sample. What, makes human strong. :3 I have not advanced that far and quit playing it.

There is a survival mode too which comes locked in fresh install. I would better talk about that mode after I beat it for twice. Also, a larger map than previous game.

Also, also, animated women with chest like playboy bunny.

Game Performance

It may lag for low end devices. Still, their is no option to render graphic setting. The game though works fine in my Vivo Y53. You might need atleast 2GB RAM to play this game in full FPS.

Final Conclusion : #IMO

The gameplay of both buried town 1 & 2 is similar. You need to go from one point to another. Fight zombie, capture useful stuff. Craft bed, chair, harvest food. Upgrade house with own water supplies. Build a radio station with parts, harvest potatoes. And repeating the same routine.

Both Buried town are fun to play. As the first game is pretty short. But, if you want a serious gameplay. These both are not for you. I would enjoy the first in the series. Just to beat my daytime. But, playing it again and again was plain boring. The script is tightly written and no matters at what in game time you starts. You need to beat the same zombies pattern. The hunger meter speed is an issue. The mood meter as I would point again is not required at all. It discharges easily and to fill it again is pain. Second game is play worthy, but the amount of animation makes it boring.

Which one I liked most?

I would say, the original one. In second one, you can stay alive for lot longer though. Also, the first one is pretty much short. Why to complain when you love short games.

Which one you liked let me know.
Have not played it? Give it a try. Search it on Play Store.


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