Top 10 Best Wireless Headphones Under 2000 in India

best wireless headphones

Best wireless headphones under 2000 comes in 3 cool styles. Over ear, on ear neckbands and flexible headphones. In our today top 10 list I am going to feature the best of best among myriad range of headphones. Before I start with the list. I would like to point out various facts about such wireless headphones which you need to consider before buying one.

Price Range – Bluetooth is expensive technology and hard to find at such lesser price. So, keep in mind. In your search for best Bluetooth headphone. You may not find HD quality with superior bass, big brand, mic and stylish design. You need to compromise with any or couple of them.

Style –  As I above mentioned you will 3 types of headphone below. I would like to recommend you over ear as for most of your works, that will fit perfect. If you are sporty or do morning jogs, you should go with flexible headphones.

Battery Life – Wireless headphones consume electricity and need to be charge. All the headphones listed here are charge with Micro USB cable. The average battery backup as I can see fits between 8-10 hours. So, keep in mind this point and make your judgement accordingly.

10 Best Wireless Headphones under 2000

Boat Rockerz 400 Review

Boat Rockerz 400

We put boAt Rockerz 400 at the #1 wireless headphone in India not just becuase its popular. It deserve to be the popular. boAt rockerz 400 is the one of a kind headphone which offers dual mode in such price segment. Enjoy music for 7-8 hours with battery. Once its battery down use it as a wired headphone with supplied AUX cable.
boAt might be the only company which supply a charging USB cable and 3.5mm AUX with in package.


  1. Stunning foldable design, light weighted body and sturdy headset.
  2. Comfortable foam filled ear cushions.
  3. 2-3 hours charging time, 7-8 hours backup.
  4. Passive noise cancelling thanks to its close- fitting earcups.
  5. inbuilt mic and volume – track controls.
  6. All this at lower price.
  7. Comes with 1 year warranty.

CHKOKKO Mercury M2 Review

CHKOKKO Mercury M2 headphone

If you don’t care much of brands and status and like to go with positive buyers review. Chkokko Mercury M2 is for you. Its a very light weight wireless headphones for running and gym purpose. Also, you can listen to your favorite music for long 8 hours on battery laying down on your bed with it.


  1. Stylish design, light weighted body and comforting silicone earbuds.
  2. IPX5 splash proof body.
  3. Charging time 2 hours and gives you upto 8 hours of battery life.
  4. Dual Bluetooth v4.1 connectivity – 2 mobiles at a time.
  5. Comes with microfiber pouch and a carrying case.
  6. 1 year warranty and lifetime service support.

Philips SHB3075BL/00 Review

Philips SHB3075BL/00 Wireless HeadphoneNo best wireless headphones under 2000 list can be complete without Philips. Philips SHB3075BL is for casual music listeners who are looking for bass and wireless earphones. SHB3075 comes in four color variants ranging from 1999 to 2K+. You can grab the blue color which cost you just 2K. While it looks very simple and basic headphones. It filled with stylish color gradient of blue which power your authenticity. Above all it has extended bass.


  1. Sophisticated looks and ergonomic design which fits all heads.
  2. Battery life of upto 12 hours.
  3. 10m wireless range with Bluetooth v4.1.
  4. Inline buttons on right side for controlling volume, charging port, Bluetooth pair, mic and power button.
  5. Indicator to indicates battery status.
  6. 2 years warranty. Being a Philips user from last 5 years, I can assure you that you barely need it.

Motorola Pulse Bluetooth Headphone Review

Motorola Pulse Bluetooth headphoneIf you’re ready to raise your 2K budget to hundered and ten more. You can buy this piece of art headphone by Motorola. Pules won many audiophiles heart with superior music quality and sleek design. Know what, it is even lighter than Mercury M2 with 109g of weight. Also it provide adjustable clamp to fit your head into it.


  1. Very minimalist design with hand pleasing texture on strap.
  2. Soft yet solid cushion.
  3. Its earcups swivel.
  4. Upto 18 hours of music playback with Li-ion battery.
  5. Pair your headphone with Moto Connect and find it when you lost it.
  6. Volume, track and play/pause control buttons.
  7. Although it is not mentioned how much warranty is provided. You can check out moto support site and contact them via phone number.

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CORSECA DM5710BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

CORSECA DM5710BT Bluetooth headphone

CORSECA DM5710BT has maintaining its position of being in top 10 wireless headphone under 2000 range. Being a fan favorite headphone line, CORSECA offers you quality music, bass and balanced treble with DM5710BT. Unlike other headphones in this list, this one is on-ear neckband which does not cup you ears. But, stays on the top of your ear cups. Neckband has its own advantages for being light weighted and being comfortable on head. It also offers you calling support via inbuilt mic.
  1. Stylish, rough and tough design.
  2. Comfortable to wear.
  3. Comes under sturdy case along with USB Cable.
  4. 100% compatible with any device with Bluetooth.
  5. Active noise cancelling to filter out the noise and static.
  6. Foldable ear cups to put in provided case.
  7. 1 year warranty provided by Damson Group.

Tantra Groove Folding Wireless Headphone Review

Tantra Groove Headphone

No.6 on our best wireless headphones under 2000 list. Tantra is a popular name in IT industry while the also provide clothes and accessories as well. Groove by Tantra is a feature rich on ear neckband remarkable music and bass. It comes in single black color with blend of grey on ear cups. The overall weight of this neckband is just 68 grams beating Moto pules out of the ground.
  1. Minimal design and aesthetic looks.
  2. Comfortable and well stitched ear cushions which sits perfectly on various ear sizes.
  3. Smart noise and echo cancelling technology.
  4. Flexible strap to fit any head and tolerate pushes.
  5. Inbuilt Mic.
  6. Track, volume, play/pause, call and redial buttons.
  7. Support Micro USB charging.
  8. 1 year warranty provided by dedicated support.

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iBall PulseBT4 Review

iball pulsebt4 wireless headphone

iBall Pules BT4, which its actually is. Pules BT4 is not the headphone for casual music lover. Its a one bulky headset for serious audiophiles and gamers. Weighing 163g (official site), amazon verified users praises it comfortably and ergonomics on wearing it. Though due to its heavy design, you can not expect bed time music with it. Calling it as one of the best bluetooth headphone in Indian under 1000 will never go wasted.
Whats more? It comes with inbuilt mic to chat on skype, call and other IM’s.
  1. Pulse BT4 offers Glossy and velvet looks.
  2. Big and bulky ear cushions to fit any ear size.
  3. Adjustable clams.
  4. Inline controls for tracks control/volume up down and call attend/reject.
  5. Battery backup of upto 9 hours.
  6. 1 year replaceable warranty for this product by Authorize service centers.
  7. Comes along with USB charging cable.

iball Musi Track Wireless Sports Headset Review

Iball Musi Track Wireless headphone

What suits on Kareena Kapoor ears will also looks great on yours too. iBall Musi Track weigh just 18g and looks very stylish with its unique design. Other than classy design, Musi track offers quality music straight to your ears. It has good bass as reported by various online sites and reviews. But saying its for hardcore music freaks would be little ambiguous. Its for casual users like most of us.
Whats more in this little earpiece? It comes with inbuilt mic and dedicated buttons.
Safe to say, iBall Musi Track is a quality gifting item on your friends birthday.


  1. Very good looking design.
  2. Best for jogging, gym time and sports time enjoyment.
  3. Small, light weighted yet sturdy item.
  4. Volume and power button.
  5. Replaceable ear buds, you can use any of in ear earphone silicone bud with it.
  6. Playback upto 6 hours on music. Charging time upto 2 hours.
  7. 1 year replaceable warranty for this product by Authorize service centers.

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Portronics POR645 Bluetooth Headphone Review

Portronics POR645 bluetooth headphone

Portronics is a brand which I embrace most due to its quality and unique design adaption. Muffs Pro POR645 bluetooth wireless headphone comes in streamlined design with black and shining silver blend. If design is not your choice. Music is something which you will appreciate. Its offer noise reduction and echo cancellation. Company claims to provide realistic music experience. Reviewers also positive about the music quality.
  1. Very classy look.
  2. Great music quality and bass quality.
  3. Inbuilt mic for calling.
  4. Play pause and vol control on left side ear cup.
  5. Upto 10 hours of music playback.
  6. AUX compatible.
  7. 1 year manufacturer warranty. To register please check Portronics Warranty page.

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Sound One V8 Bluetooth Headphone Review 

Sound One V8 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Sound One might be a new name for you. But, they follow the same old technique to provide quality headphone at your range. Sound One V8 Bluetooth headphone offers play time of upto 18 hours. This requires just 2 hours of charging. V8 wireless headphone have solid non adjustable strap. But, you can fold it to put in a bag or solid case or even 7-8 inch microfiber pouch.


  1. Heavy gamers friendly design with mic for calling.
  2. 40mm driver unit for awesome bass.
  3. Device independent connectivity via Bluetooth 4.1.
  4. Upto 18 hours of music playback with 2 hours of quick charging.
  5. Supports AUX for wired playback.
  6. Best for travel, but not for sports.
  7. Provide inline play/pause control, volume up/down buttons and call button.
  8. 1 year warranty provided by manufacturer.

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That’s all out of my list of best wireless headphones under 2000. Would you like to input review from your experience? Make yourself home and comment it out. I will be glad if you share your headphone experience with our other readers.


  1. If someone has used both Tantra groove and corseca please suggest which is better in terms of build and music quality


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