Best Wireless Earphones under 5000 which are Water Proof As Well

best wireless earphones water resistant

Its a hard task to find Best Wireless Earphones under 5000 in India. Its become even harder when you want them to be waterproof. There are tons of unbranded earphone claims to be water resistant but under price segment of Rs.2000 – Rs.3000. But are they really resist water? Might be.

Before we start the list of best wireless waterproof earphones. First understand are earphone really safe from deep water?

Are Earphone Really Waterproof?

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Well. Earphone with the designation of IP Rating say IPX4 can withstand splashes like sweat or light rain shower. An earphone with higher IPX rating say IPX5 can withstand water from nozzle or tap (water jet). A more strong rating say IPX6 can withstand high power jet and IPX7 can be immersed in water depth upto 1Ft for 30 minutes.If you like to learn more about rating and their threshold you can check out this page.

Although, an earphone advertised as IPX6 rating could be just IPX4 or IPX5 too. Depending upon their own test rating or false advertising which is very popular in almost every electronic device now a day.

Now come back to the actual point. I am not going to point out other details like battery life and impedance rating. And totally focusing on its water resistance tendency.

Still, all I cover is the best in the range without compromising in the quality. So be sure to buy the best you can in this price range.

Top 5 Wireless Earphone under 5000 in India with Water Resistant

sony mdrxb50bs
Image Source : Amazon

Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB50BS (Flipkart, Amazon)

Sony MDR-XB50BS is not just a good wireless earphone exceptional sound quality. But also a trend setter in this range. Cost around 4.9K on Flipkart and Amazon. This earphone comes in three vibrant colors which are Blue, Black and Red. Unlike other non-HiRes Sony wireless earphones in the range. It does not consists of battery and track switcher on the wire. It instead has on the earbuds itself.

Sony MDR-XB50BS extra bass is advertised for sports and workout. It has IPX4 rating to resist water splashes. It can withstand light rain showers and thanks to its splash proof design you can enjoy the pool view.

Talking about its sound quality. First its SONY earphone, second it is extra bass earphone which has tendency to amplify the bass beats without compromising the vocal quality. For music quality, open your Ganna or Walkman app and listen to the High Quality song.

It is available on both Amazon and Flipkart at around 4999 INR.

Zballad IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Earphone
Image Source : Amazon

Zballad Z-bx01 IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones (Amazon)

Zballad is a company which claims to be IXP7 water resistant. It means you can shower while wearing this earphone. But, is it really IPX7 water resistant earphone under 3000?

Looking at its build design this earpiece does not have space left to let water drops inside it. The build quality looks surprisingly awesome and gaps are closely sealed. Buttons are over lifted and UBS charging slot also covered with rubber or silicon lock-on strap.

Talking about its music quality. It has 360 surround sound effect. Average bass and treble and a decent vocal quality. As what we have reviewed from the reviewers. Although, the top 2 reviews looks a bit fake or paid to me the other two non-listed are no doubt true.

Other than that, it is made for running and leisure listing other than sports. It is available on Amazon only. It comes with 1 years of warranty.

jbl endurance jump wireless earphone
Image Source : Amazon

JBL Endurance Jump Waterproof Wireless Headphone (Flipkart, Amazon)

JBL endurance jump is made for those who seek for adventure. Like trips, hiking, running, cycling or GYM rats. But on the same side, this bluetooth earphone is not made for classic listening while commuting or lying down on bed. Keeping the same in mind, JBL Endurance bluetooth headphone comes with IPX7 water resistant technology.

JBL Endurance bluetooth water resistant headphone comes in 5 vibrant colors contrasting with contrasting ear buds. It does not has regular wire but adopts a neckband design that is what makes it sturdy. No wire no tangles.

Talking about music quality it has very good vocal and music quality. But, customer complains about bass being low and treble a bit higher. But, don’t forget that its not for leisure music listening and adventure time companion instead.

It comes at a price tag of Rs.4999 on Amazon and a littler higher price on

tagg inferno 2.0 bluetooth earphone
Image Source : Amazon

TAGG Inferno 2.0 Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earphones (Flipkart, Amazon)

TAGG Inferno 2.0 bluetooth earphone is the Amazon Choice headset. It is one of the best wireless earphone available on low budget. It is too good that don’t even company knows what to call it on

tagg inferno 2.0 wireless earphone
Image Source : Amazon

TAGG Inferno 2.0 does not offer full water immersion resistant but protect from water sprinkles. It is suitable for light rain shower and blocks out sweat to enter the ear piece. Don’t drop dead this earphone by pouring in tub of water just because it reads IPX7.

The reason why this one is in the list its because it offers water resistance as well as exceptional music quality. It has best ever bass and treble balance. Also, music quality is too good for long time listening.

The design itself is made for leisure and gym purpose. The earphone cable does not interfere with your neck while running and it does not comes with annoying tangible battery casing.

Good to purchase it at very cheap price.

crossbeats vibe wireless earphone
Image Source : Amazon

CrossBeats Vibe Silicon TPU Bluetooth Headset (Flipkart, Amazon)

After rejecting a series of headphones to sit on this list like Leaf, Skullcandy method, boat wireless earphone. I finally come up with CrossBeats Vibe Bluetooth earphone with IPX5 water resistance. CroosBeats fits in this list best for its ergonomic design and good sound quality which praise by many user. Although, I am not counting what the company trying to convince in product photos and title. Like one click Siri, Auto Power ON/OFF, 9 hours battery etc.

Talking about its design first. It has a simple neckband style but instead of being heavy like Samsung Level U. Its neckband is made with silicone or TPU (not sure). It do has a tangible battery and mic box but they both sits on your neck and does not jumps to and fro while running. The earbuds has magnetic layer which lock in this neckband when not in use.

Talking about music quality. Users praises it because it has good bass and treble. Sound quality also exceptionally better than some pricey SONY and Skullcandy earphones.

Now comes to the actual topic. IPX5. This time they are true about actual IPX5 tendencies. It is light shower proof, sweat proof and splash proof. You can go along on running or cycling season while wearing this earphone. As per its design, I don’t comfortably say it good for weight lifting but for running on treadmill works fine.

Available on both flipkart and amazon at the same price tag of Rs.3999.

Do you have any complain regarding all the items listed above. Want to add a suggestion or extend this list. Make sure to comment down your opinion for this post. I would like to listen and raise your voice through this post and via quora answers I post.

Thanks for reading.


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