Clash of Best Wallpaper App: Wallrox vs Backdrops vs WallpapersCraft

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Clash for the Best Wallpaper App for Android Ever


Hi. Are you that one guy who like to dress your phone with trendy wallpapers?
Then you must be using one of out these app or all three.
Today, I will discuss three best wallpaper app for android with you. And conclude which one out of three is the king. I chooses these three apps because they offer high quality wallpapers. I hope you have used any or all of these. Have you?
Being honest. All three are good and serves their purpose. But, my motive is to figure out which one is the king. So, let’s begin with our venture, shall we?

About Wallrox: Wallrox Review

 wallrox review
Total rating – 25,010
5 stars – 16,903
Total installs – 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Search parameter – wallrox, com.material.wallrox, material wallpaper
App developer – Ankit Anand
Wallrox has over 25,010 total star rating on google play store. Wallrox is a cloud based mobile app which features 100+ 4K wallpapers. The advantage of having cloud hosting is fast downloading.
App Genre
Wallrox mobile wallpaper app focus on material & modern design. They also list nature wallpaper alongside them.
Wallrox Website
Wallrox has a pretty simple blogspot site showcasing their app. They also showcase their handmade material wallpaper but without any download support.

Wallrox Pro’s: Things I like in this App

  1. Wallrox offers over 700 original, modern & handcrafted wallpapers.
  2. They update their database very frequently.
  3. They offer minimal, blur, flat, google earth and AMOLED wallpapers. Including more genre alongside.
  4. Offers 22 different categories.
  5. It allow saving images and set wallpapers through interface.
  6. Muzei live wallpaper has official support with this app.
  7. Quickly apply wallpaper by holding thumbnail button.
  8. Very fast and responsive user interface.


Wallrox Cons – Things I dislike in this App

  1. Download wallpaper cache in preview first then show wallpaper.
  2. Does not set wallpaper as per screen resolution.
  3. Cropping only limited to horizontal rectangle.
  4. Very limited nature wallpapers.
  5. No useful setting options other than clearing cache.
  6. No auto daily wallpaper changer.


About Backdrops: Backdrops Review

backdrops review

Total rating – 29,161
5 stars – 18,984
Total installs – 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Search parameter – backdrops, com.backdrops.wallpapers, material wallpapers, wallpapers app, amoled wallpaper
App developer – Kxnt, Sameer Zayer [citation required]
Raising the rating bar we reached Backdrops. Backdrops is popular among android geeks. Unlike other two in this post, backdrops offer pro option. Backdrops is also cloud based app but downloading is slower than wallrox. Also, backdrops allow uploading by singing up for free account. Yet, nothing happens when I click on upload. Sign via google account is only supported.
App Genre
Backdrops offers material, modern and minimal wallpapers handcrafter by two of their founders.
Backdrops Website
Backdrop has a one page website showcasing their app features. Though the devs missed to add social media links on footer.

Backdrops Pro’s: Things I like in this App

  1. Lots of high quality minimal, material and AMOLED wallpapers made by pro designer.
  2. High resolution 4k wallpapers for android.
  3. 16 different categories.
  4. Allow both save and set.
  5. Allow marking as favorite.
  6. Muzei live wallpaper support.
  7. Uploading of wallpapers follow their guidelines by sign in.
  8. Wallpaper by default save as non-scrollable images.

Backdrops Cons – Things I dislike in this App

  1. Pro packs – who would pay for wallpapers?
  2. Wallpaper not updated daily.
  3. No setting options other than clearing cache.
  4. No auto daily wallpaper changer.


About WallpaperCraft: WallpaperCraft Review

wallpaperscraft app review
Total rating – 69,342
5 stars – 58,270
Total installs – 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Search parameter – wallpapercraft, com.wallpaperscraft.wallpaper, 4k wallpapers, wallpapers, android wallpapers
App developer – Wallpapercraft team
WallpaperCraft is a big deal here. Wallpapercraft has over 97000 wallpapers on their database and updates on hourly basis. I found over 3-5 free wallpaper every hour. Other than adaptation of complete website to mobile app, their is no new options at all. 
App Genre
Every possible genre than modern are on Wallpaper Craft.
WC Website
WallpaperCraft has a functional website with over 97K wallpaper ready to download.

WallpaperCraft Pro’s: Things I like in this App

  1. Almost all type of wallpapers.
  2. High quality 4K resolution wallpapers.
  3. Updated hourly.
  4. Allow sorting by new, rating and popular.
  5. 22 different categories.
  6. Allow set and save.
  7. Auto set non-scrollable wallpaper in respect to resolution.


WallpaperCraft Cons – Things I dislike in this App

  1. No different categories for material and minimal wallpaper. also their counting is less compared to other genre.
  2. Lacks daily wallpaper changer.
  3. Has no setting option and favorite option.


Who’s the winner then?

Its quite challenging. But as we’re talking about android wallpaper app. We’re pretty sure with what we are focusing for. Using material wallpaper is the trend among android users.
backdrops best wallpaper app
So, our winner for best wallpaper app is Backdrops.
Congrats to their devs.  Also, if you found Wallrox or WallpaperCraft please make sure to vote them.


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