5 Best BHIM UPI Alternative Apps to Try [No Bank Commitment Required]

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Being honest with you. BHIM UPI is that UPI app in India which offers convince and quick transaction to us. But saying its the only best UPI apps in the market will be a little harsh. Other UPI payment apps alternative are either from dedicated banks or from 3rd Party agencies. Which might lure you to open their bank accounts.

While the whole play store is flooded with such apps. Few of them could be fake too. So better check for publisher name before you share your Aadhar number with them.

Today, in this post. I will list out 5 best UPI apps alternatives to BHIM which I personally using and tried. And all of these apps requires no bank commitment. You can install them, register with them and start making transactions.

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Google Tez

google tez logo

What’s better than having Govt authorized BHIM app? Having Google authorized UPI app. Among other UPI apps, Tez has the most cleanest interface. While Tez works almost same as other apps. It sign you up using your Gmail account. So, you can easily catch with your google contacts as well.

Tez use Google Account to sign you Up

UPI Address – yourmobilenumber@okicici
Partnered with – ICICI, HDFC, AXIS, SBI

Download Tez

Tez Pro’s: Things I like in this App

  1. Trust of google, what more you can question on their app.
  2. No bank luring, its an app that just do their work.
  3. Most cleanest payment app you will ever see.
  4. Message thread like Payment history.
  5. 100% success rate.
  6. Pay in seconds.
  7. Earn from referrals and other reward opportunities. Check out this post to get Rs.51 in your bank.

Tez Cons – Things I dislike in this App

Hard to say anything I have disliked about this app. But, yeah here we are. Google itself is not authorized for UPI (or something like that). They have partnered with Axis, HDFC, ICICI and SBI. So the UPI ID they are offering is also of they partner banks. In my case I have got @okicici id. Its lame.

Paytm UPI 

paytm UPI

Paytm recently introduced their UPI feature on both Payment bank and wallet. If you sign up for Paytm payment bank. You will have full access to send and receive payment using their own UPI ID.

With standard Paytm account. You can send/receive money too. The difference here is received money will go straight to your wallet. With bank account, transaction will take place from your passbook.

Like Tez, Paytm has partnered with ICICI for banking features and Indusind Bank for FD. But with Paytm you will receive self branded UPI address. Read more about Paytm UPI from their blog.

For full list of features read my Paytm Payment Bank review.

UPI Address – yourmobilenumber@paytm
Partnered with – Indusind Bank, HDFC

Paytm UPI Pros – Things I dislike in this App

  1. Paytm is using BHIM UPI to provide UPI service for their users
  2. You can trade money in your Paytm wallet online
  3. Full KYC users can use it as a separate bank and protect their main bank transactions
  4. Paytm pay 4% interest on saving accounts

Paytms Cons – Things I dislike in this App

Comparing it with Tez or BHIM. I can not assure 100% success rate with its UPI payments. The app itself get slower sometime. I have also faced issues like the app not respond due to server issues. Rest assured.

Phone Pe App

phone pe logo

Phoen Pe is the fastest growing mobile wallet solution. Phone Pe offers cashless solution to your gas, electricity online shopping and offline shopping. This UPI app features BHIM upi app feature to send and receive money in snap.


Phone Pe has Paytm like User interface to provide all services link on dashboard. It works lightning fast on slow networks. It has very light weighted UI elements to make it faster. Other than that, this app cost you just 6.7MB of your data. All it took is 10-15 secs of my life to get registered with this app.

You can check your bank balance through Phone Pe

UPI Address – yourmobilenumber@ylb
Partnered with – Yes Bank

Download Phone Pe

Phone Pe Pro’s: Things I like in this App

  • Fastest among all the best UPI apps listed here
  • Add multiple bank account for UPI
  • 10 national languages
  • Refer and Earn feature. Use our link to download app and get Cashback offers.
  • Buy Google Play promo code right from the app
  • Easy to add and detect your bank account using your mobile number

Phone Pe Pro’s: Things I dislike in this App

The app sometime takes a little longer time while processing.

BHIM SBI Pay Review

bhim sbi pay logo

SBI Pay support all national bank card for making UPI account. For making SBI pay account. You will need your phone number linked with Aadhaar Card. Your debit/credit card  will help to link your bank account.

Being an SBI user. I entered my phone number and SBI pay app automatically detect my bank account. Then it asked me to enter debit card information to complete my profile. Then after I am able to send and receive money.

BHIM SBI PAY allow you to add multiple bank accounts

UPI Address – yourmobilenumber@sbi
Partnered with – Self

Download BHIM SBI Pay

SBI Pay Pro’s: Things I like in this App

  • Among all other SBI apps. Pay has the best user interface
  • SBI Pay is quick with 100% uptime
  • You can add more than one account in SBI pay
  • Very light weighted and UPI centric app
  • SBI users will get advantage to link their account in snap

SBI Pay Cons: Things I dislike in this App

Hard to mention. Till yet the app works great. I made just 2 transaction and satisfied with the app.

My Airtel – Airtel Money

airtel money logo

I would list Phone Pe but I rather choose My airtel here. The reason behind them is that if you upgrade to full KYC customer for Airtel money. You will get hefty payment bank interest on it.

Airtel customer can get the full benefit of recharges, offers, DTH recharges, banking and making transaction using the single app. Airtel money provide you a simple user interface. Your four digit passcode will help to send money quickly. My Airtel app also features bill payment, IMPS payment, Pay shop and bus payment. Seems like they are chasing the Paytm path.

UPI Address – yourmobilenumber@airtel
Partnered with – unknown (self)

Download My Airtel

My Airtel Pro’s: Things I like in this App

  • Complete cashless payment solution offered by Airtel
  • Bank with highest interest
  • Simple user interface, stands in the middle of good and okay

My Airtel Cons: Things I dislike in this App

Not a good option for non airtel users. But great for anyone use any of airtel service. All the app is too basic, UI is good but basic.

So. These were the few of the best UPI apps among all. These best UPI apps can help you to make your financial life easier and contribute to support Digital India Vision. If you have any app to get listed in our series. Please let me know via comment. Also, if you have any complain regarding any of the app. You can make a review of it on Mouthshut and get paid for it.


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