10 Best 10000 mAh Power Bank Under 1000 in India

best power bank under 1000 in india

Looking for the best power bank under 1000 in India? Then you better shouldn’t comply on your search result. Power bank is seems to be another mobile accessory but we not forget it equip high power batteries. The best 10000mah power bank in India is certified with BIS certification. These power bank meets the specific standards of being efficient and protected. A faulty or random power bank which your search result popup. May destroy or blown itself and cause damage too. So you better look for trustworthy sources like us to buy a power bank under 1000 in India.


Here I am listing the basic parameter which you should know about powerbanks. If you like to go deeper, you can check out this link on How to buy Power bank in India.

Battery Capacity ~ Power bank does not have charging capacity as advertised. A 10000 mAh power bank may offer upto 7000 mAh power capacity. So, don’t start nagging any brand if it offer you low capacity. If it is lower than 5000 mAh, be sure to ask for your rights.

Charging Time ~ A best 10000 mah power bank may takes upto 6 to 7 hours to charge. Some may takes a little more time. If it takes around 10+ hours, go for replacement.

BIS Certification and Smart protections ~ BIS is a 3rd party ensurity of a specific electronic product. A BIS certified power bank has least chances of damage, though nothing is guaranteed.

Smart protections includes, over charging, over discharging, fire protection from internal or external spark.

These power bank listed on our site are comply with both BIS and Smart protections.

10 best 10000mah Power Bank under 1000 in India

Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power bank 2i Review

mi 1000 mah power bank

Mi 2i power bank is available on Amazon and official store at just Rs.799. It is energy efficient product by Mi. What’s great is that it is Made in India powered product.
Mi 2i offers a high capacity output to quick charge your smartphone. It has dual USB port to charge 2 smartphone at the same time. Though charging 2 smartphone at once share the output voltage.


  1. It is made with Aluminium alloy so its both light weighted and ergonomic in handling.
  2. Mi 2i 10000 mAh power bank uses Lithium polymer battery which ensyre safe charging and overcharge protection.
  3. Mi 2i power bank has an actual capacity of 6500 mAh. It can full charge your iPhone 7 3.5 times.
  4. Unlike other power bank, it offers low power charging for headset and smartwatches. Double press the power button to enable it.
  5. Comes with 6 months warranty.

Kodak PBP03-K/15000mAh Power Bank Review

kodak 15000mah power bank

With a history of 110 years, Kodak bring you 15000 mAh power bank at just above the marginal cost. This Kodak 15000 mAh power bank cost Rs.1099 only. Kodak PBP03-K offers 2x 2.1 amp and 2×1 amp output port.


  1. Trust of Kodak at a very cheap 15000mah portable power bank under 1000.
  2. 4x USB port of varying amperes.
  3. 2×2.1 and 2×1 amp output for both smartphones and accessories.
  4. Charging and discharging indicators.
  5. Comes with long length USB cable.
  6. 1 year warranty and lifetime service support.

Syska Power Shell100 10000mAH Power Bank (Black-Grey) Review

syska 10000 mah power bank

Syska Power Shell offer best 10000mah power bank in India at just Rs.899. It offers dual charging port to charge two smartphone at same time. Out of one will supply output of 2.1A and other 1.A.


  1. Ergonomic and padded design to provide comfort in hands.
  2. Dual charging support.
  3. Indicator LED light for charging and discharging.
  4. Unbreakable body, made with ABS plastic.
  5. Over charge and discharge protection circuit.
  6. 6 Months replacement warranty.

Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAH Power Bank Review

intex 11000 mah power bank

Intex IT-PB11K is one of the highest selling power bank in market. It comes in very elegant design and offer 11 Ah power backup for your smatphones. There are two color variants white and black, both are available online at same price which is Rs.999.


  1. Very adorable white color varaint.
  2. Offers upto 6000+ mah power supply on full charge.
  3. 2×2.1A output and 1x 1A for both mobile and wireless headphones.
  4. As per multiple amazon reviews it never heats up.
  5. Light weighted.
  6. 1 year replacement warranty provided by Intex service center.

Buy it from Amazon India

8BK Metallic Ultra Slim Lightweight Power Bank Review

8bk power bank

Its a bit odd to add such unbranded product but this one got fairly good verified review on Amazon. 8BK 10000 mAh power bank comes in iPhone class design. Apart from its design, it supply super fast charging.
  1. As its title, it is ultra slim and light weighted battery bank.
  2. It comes with Power IQ technology to identify connected device and provide optimal output for it.
  3. Also, comes in stylish metallic design.
  4. It comes with 1x 2A output for quick charge smartphones. Also 1x1A for low power charging.
  5. It has bright battery indicators.
  6. 1 year warranty provided by Manufacturer.

Ambrane P-1111 10000mAH Power Bank Review

ambrane 10000 mah power bank

This ambrane power bank comes in 5 various enchanting designs. Ambrane P1111 also brings back the old school flashlight to powerbank. It help you to charge 2 smartphones at the same time. With a very fair amount of positive review, it is a very good deal at very low budget.

  1. Stylish power bank variants from a trusted accessory brand.
  2. Provide 2x 2.1 A output, made basically to quick charge your smartphone.
  3. They have not listed how much max capacity of this product. But review suggest it can charge a 3000-3500 mAh smartphone 2-3 times.
  4. Offers overcharging protection.
  5. Comes with flashlight.
  6. It has battery indicators on the front side.
  7. 1 year warranty provided by manufacturer.

Buy it from Amazon India


Rock ITP106 13000mAH Power Bank Review

rock 130000 mah power bank

Rock ITP106 power bank delivers very basic look from the surface. But behind the unbreakable shell, it host a mega power house for your smartphone. Rock ITP106 is the first one in our list to offer Type-C charging facility. Whats new for you is that it is the most trusted brand on Aliexpress. Kudos, a Must buy at low price product. Consider it as a best 10000mah power bank in India under 10000.
  1. Very basic yet sophisticated design.
  2. The powerhouse of your smartphone is packed in matte rubberised finish.
  3. 2x2A output to quick charge your smartphone.
  4. It offers protection against over charge, over heating and over fail.
  5. The unbreakable ABS used for this power bank also ensure safety from fire.
  6. Its lab testing suggest charging iPhone X 3.5 times. The actual results may be little lower or different..
  7. 1 year replaceable warranty for this product. More info on how to claim is on warranty card.

Lappymaster 12000mAH Power Bank Review

lappymaster power bank

Let me bring back the old school vibes. Lappymaster 12000 mAh power bank is the one special powerbank in this list to display digital reading. This one is the Make in India initiative which offers you 12000 mAh capacity at just 999. Lappymaster does not go flashy with infographics but received a good amount of positive feedbacks from customers.


  1. Rough and tough battery bank with digital battery indicator.
  2. It comes with flashlight.
  3. Offers 1×1 A and 1x2A output ports.
  4. Make in India product, provide toll free support.
  5. 1 year replaceable warranty for this product by manufacturer.

Please be aware that there are two listing of this product. Be sure to buy the original one from our link only. We are little suspicious about the cheaper listing of the same.

Buy it from Amazon India

Syska X110 11000mAH Power Bank Review

syska power bank

Yet another Syska power bank 10000mah in this list. But with a little up power capacity. Syska X110 comes with a very stylish design and ofcourse the protection itself. This Syska power bank offers 2x USB port charging with mid charging support which suits all smartphones and accessories.
  1. Fresh design and color combination.
  2. Ergonomic to hold light for your pocket.
  3. 2×1.5A output.
  4. LED indicators to indicate battery.
  5. Overcharge and smart charge protection.
  6. 6 months manufacturer warranty by Syska Service Center.

Buy it from Amazon India

Kodak 150000 mAh Power bank Review 

kodak 10000mah power bank

Kodak PBP03-K 10000 mAh power bank comes in a very awesome design. It has a very classy texture on its base. Apart from it, it is very light weighted and compact product.
Better not get misguided by reviews which say it takes 6-7 hours. A 10000 mAh power bank may take even more time. Depending on your charger voltage output and brand.


  1. A very stylish power bank you have ever seen.
  2. Quick charging for smartphones and accessories.
  3. Overcharge and over discharging protection provided with heat control protection.
  4. Comes with LED battery indicators.
  5. Provide a flaslight.
  6. 1 year warranty provided by Kodak Service Center.

Buy it from Amazon India

That’s all out of my list of best power bank under 1000. Would you like to input review from your experience? Make yourself home and comment it out. I will be glad if you share your headphone experience with our other readers.


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