Finally ! A best Parallax Wallpaper App for Android is Launched


If you google “best parallax wallpaper app for android“. You will found countless results. But, in actual none of them are close to actual iPhone feature. Most of them make your phone home screen ugly. Or few of them does not meet your taste.
I found one popular parallax wallpaper android app which worked fine for their own set of wallpapers. But when I try DIY, its even harder and final result looks ridiculous.


So, where is the finest and reliable one? Thankfully, I found one on sweet sweet reddit. And its name is Zero Live Wallpaper.

About Zero Live Wallpaper ~ Review

zero live wallpaper


Zero is a most suitable among all. It is reliable app and do what the iOS feature does. It provides you with the most cleanliest homescreen in comparison to other. I am lucky that I found on this reddit post shared by the developer Sasselli Luca himself.

Their are two apps published by developer. One is free with pro wallpapers. And the other is to unlock Pro. Pro app cost you just Rs.70 to unlock additional wallpapers. Apart from this the premium app also remove ads.


The free app show ads. Just to provide hosting support to developer. I dig down into app description which reads they move into expensive server. Because the previous one had issues with speed. He wanted to provide ad-free experience, but, hey, hosting is not free.

Okay, I am feeling that you want to try this app by yourself. So, lets make this post.

How to Set Parallax Wallpaper on Android?

  1. Download the app from the play store. Open the app.
  2. Click on any of the wallpaper to load and click on download button.
  3. Once after download it take you to Live wallpaper section. Choose for just homescreen or both.
  4. Apply.

That’s for setting the pre-provided wallpapers. Now, come to …

How to Make Parallax Wallpaper for Android

Thanks to Zero live wallpapers. This app is pretty easy too.

You need to first download some images. The resolution must be of desktop screen. Best recommendation is 1920×1080 or higer with 16:9 ratio. If you’re all set up. Follow this video hosted on our instagram page.

After setting up. You need to keep this app in background otherwise memory manager kill this app.

How to Set Anime Parallax Wallpaper on your Android

It is pretty easy to set anime wallpaper as parallax on your android phone. To get started you first need a wallpaper which looks good as a parallax image.

  • Alpha Coder offers you over 10,000+ anime wallpapers. You can pick any wallpaper of size 1920×1080 from their website.
  •  Open Zero Live Wallpaper app from app drawer and click on  and select your image.
  • Choose the downloaded image. Its a big advantage of downloading HD image which gives you more surface to crop. If you have mobile size image, zero gives you only a little of surface to crop.
  • Click on Crop button and finally set the image as Live Wallpaper.

How to get zero live wallpaper pro apk for free?

If you’re expecting a free pro apk download link. Please Leave.

The app developer running a content for those who are interested in making their own design.

In order to get Zero Live Wallpaper Pro Key app for free. You need to send him a parallax, designed by you. The design must be 2000px wide and is of 1:1 ratio. For more information on how to get started. Open the play store link and find his email on the very bottom.

That’s all you need to do. No need to create layers neither transparent PNG’s are required. The app do it by itself. But, only when connected to internet.

So, try it by yourself and set your favorite wallpaper in parallax.


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