Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000 in India 2019 Updated List

best bluetooth speakers under 3000

Looking for best bluetooth speakers under 3000 but not sure where to start. Don’t worry envy is at your help. In our top 10 list of Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 in India. We’re looking good care of brand and VFM. Unlike Sony and BOSE, there lot of company which offers their masterpiece in this price segment. For example purpose we can say boAt 260 which matches the style of UE speaker. The same would cost around 7K. But boAt is giving the same under 2K budget.

Before, you press “add to cart” button from our top 10 list of the best portable speakers under 3000. You should know few things. These highlights are used to consider which one will best serve your purpose.


Shape is an important aspect manufacturer use to define their portable speaker purpose. You have noticed that some speaker comes in round shape, some in oval shape and some in cylindrical shape. Isn’t it?

Indeed, the oval shape speakers like UE Roll 2 and Boat Stone 260 are considered travel friendly. 

The Cylindrical speakers like SONY SRS-XB10 is best made for personal space.

The square shaped are made for conference listening or calling. The last time I see JBL GO is in a conference meeting. Whether the guy using it to demonstrate video presentation.


Choosing a good brand is important. Even though most speakers listed online, whether branded or unbranded, looks akin. They are different with the component they use.

Entertainment brands like Sony, Logitech and JBL uses the high quality components – speaker, rubber casing, wiring, battery and outer shell. There purpose is to delivers the quality over the price paid.

Generic brands, which can be any brand like, some shop name. Take any Chinese speaker and label it as their own. These products may either don’t work for long run, or may explode burns with usage. Better avoid them.

So make sure to buy the genuine products only.


Marketplace matters a lot. Buying a Sony product from Amazon is one thing and from Ebay is another. Amazon only allow seller who have registered business and warehouse. I recommends you to go with over any other online marketplace. Also, they have a huge variety of speaker.

10 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000

JBL Go Review

jbl go bluetooth speaker under 3000


You may end your search for best Bluetooth speaker under 3000 here. JBL Go is a user choice product since last few years. It comes in 8 aesthetic colors with a gigantic branding on its speaker mesh. Why JBL Go is so popular? The answer is its brand name and music quality. Unlike others, JBL produce superior sound at the same or lesser price. More over the build are well finished and furnished which makes it look stylish.

Size – JBL GO is square shaped speaker with unit measures of 8.3 x 3.1 x 6.8 cm (lxbxh). In simple words, it is compact and can be easily hold in hand. It takes very less space on table. Small enough to be easily placed on laptop mousepad sides too.

Variants – JBL GO comes in 8 bright solid colors which you can’t resist buying. Its a good combination of sound quality and dazzling design. 

Purpose – Overall, JBL GO is best for any purposes. Whether it is small office party or dance practice. It will serve it purpose. 

Sony SRS-XB10 Extra Bass Review

sony srs xb10 bluetooth speaker


Their is an old saying in Japan, “Either you buy SONY Product with confidence, or you Regret not Buying it“.

Sony SRS XB10 bluetooth speaker comes at a marginal price. But, the sound it delivers is beyond your expectation. This best 2.1 bluetooth speakers under 3000 delivers heavy bass and loud sound. You can pair it with another XB10 and host a room party.

Size– Thanks to its ergonomic cylindrical shape, you can carry it in your hand. The outer body shell in rubberized which makes a strong grip on table or hand as well as protect the inner components while drops. It is 9.8 cm in length, 15.7 cm in breadth, and 9.8 cm in height.
It comes with a keyring, which you can use for docking it or hanging it on the wall.

Variants – Sony SRS-XB10 comes in 4 colorful variants. Unlike JBL GO, XB10 colors look quite sophisticated and glossy.

Connectivity – It supports AUX, Bluetooth, NFC and side pairing with another XB10.

This little boom box comes with 1 year replaceable warranty. A must buy portable speaker for audiophiles.

Philips BT50A Portable Speaker Review

Philips BT50A Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (1)


If you’re frequent traveler and looking for a fist size speaker. Safe to say, you could end up your search here. Falls in my top 5 bluetooth speakers under 3000. Philips BT50B comes in a fist size and packed with 2W RMS speaker that produce unbelievable loud sound.

It allow both Bluetooth 4.0 and AUX connectivity. As this mini speaker meant for just travel purpose, it packed with 6 hours backup battery. Plus, it comes with Anti Clipping technology which does not lower down the volume and distort it on lower battery. It keeps the same rhythm even the battery on 1%.

Size – Philips BT50A is best known for its small size. Hey, its not that small like some Chinese speakers. It has size measures of 6.1 x 6.1 x 7.6 cm with weight of 90.7 grams.

Battery Backup – Philips BT50 delivers upto 6 hrs of battery backup. Have your ever feel clipping sound or low level audio on low battery? Well its not a case of this speaker. BT50A comes with Philips iconic, anti-clipping technology which keeps the music level balanced even on low battery.

Connectivity – It supports AUX and Bluetooth.

All in all, its a great buy for those who looking for Bluetooth speaker for entirely personal usage.

Boat Stone 260 ReviewBoat Stone 260 Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Boat Stone 260 portable speaker is a new iconic speaker which is made for outdoor purposes. This bluetooth speaker is IPX5 water proof and shock proof. It resists heavy and and accidental drops.

Shape – Boat Stone 260 comes in a pebble shape. It follow the status-quo of outdoor entertainment started by UE Roll 2. It also follows similar patterns and print on its base which makes it cool and travel-o-holic.

Design – Till now they launched only two design, black and blue. We hope to see more pattern in future.

Features – Boat Stone 260 is water proof (IPX5) and shock proof. Unlike other speaker in range, it comes with 1000 mAh battery which is idle enough to provide 9-10 hours battery backup.

Boat Stone 260 covers wide surface and generate surround sound. It has heavy bass and loud-clear sound. 

Logitech X50 / X100  Review

Logitech X50 Wireless Speakers

If you have ever asked for best bluetooth speakers under 3000 quora you definitely get it as suggestion. Logitech X50 and X100 both will be your best purchase to amplify laptop or TV sound. Yes, they are loud enough to fill your room with your TV-serial and Movie audio. And that is the exact purpose I have purchase X100 for. I have already made a long detailed Logitech X100 review which you can check out in this blog.

X100 comes in 4 bright color variants. Produce crystal clear sound and bass inducing music. The best part is its great battery backup which goes around 10-12 hours. Although I don’t play it much and most of the time it spends on wall. It obviously catches dust but I wipe it out using micro fiber cloth. I would not like to make this one longer, so go check out the review by yourself.

Connectivity – It supports both AUX and Bluetooth technology to pair with smart TV and basic LED’s.

Shape – As per its purposes, this oval shaped bluetooth speaker is wall friendly. You can hook it up with nail or double side adhesive tap on your wall. As, I said it is wall friendly. Generates a very decent and loud sound in contact with some solid hard surface through its back side.

Difference – Their is a thin line between X50 and X100. Logitech X50 comes with really loud sound, heavy bass and balanced treble.
While keeping the bass and treble aligned. Logitech X100 provides you an inbuilt microphone for calling. But, they have lower the sound in this upgrade to a little extent.

Logitech offer you one year replacement warranty on their product. Which, you can avail from their service centers.

Portronics SoundDrum POR-871 Review

Portronics SoundDrum por 871


The number one reason I love Portronics is because they always show creativity in their products.

Creative Design – Unlike SONY SRS-XB10 and Philips BT50A whose main source of sound delivery is their upper surface. Portronics SoundDrum delivers sound from its entire body.

Connectivity – If you ran out of good music on your Gaana app or Spotify. You can tune into FM Radio or play some good old tracks from your pen drive. Yes, it offers USB port to connect USB card reader or pendrive. You can use Bluetooth 4.2 and Aux for basic connectivity.

Size –  Being tiny in size, SoundDrum POR-871 is packed with 10W speaker. Its obvious that its a little sound bomb under 2000.

More Features – I haven’t done yet. This portable speaker comes with fast charge technology which only take 1-2 hour for full charge. It has inbuilt mic for calling. And, it has light rain and water splash protecting body.

Great Na !

Portronics Sublime III POR 622 Speaker Review


Are you guys familiar with Sony Clock Radios? Something which is very popular in past and comes in trend with many hollywood movies. Portonics Sublime III POR 622 is current time standard something like that speaker.

Sublime III (in short) is a big a** alarm clock radio & speaker which offers every second connectivity to playback music possible in this low price range. Being one of the best bluetooth speakers under 3000 india 2019 with FM support.

It allows you to play

  • FM
  • Music using Bluetooth
  • using AUX
  • using TFlash Memory Card
  • via USB devices
  • set Radio clock
  • and, call using inbuilt mic

Unlike Nokia phones, you don’t need to plug earphone to listen radio as it comes with inbuilt antenna.

Am I forgetting something? It show times on the front base (speaker mesh).

Also, I would like to mind Portonics Amazon moderator that they have put wrong spelling of Alarm on their site. Well this embarrassing.


  1. Very authentic design to match with personality of this speaker.
  2. 2200 mAh battery. My phone has 2500 seriously. Backup upto 6-8 hours.
  3. Play via every fu**ing thing possible.
  4. Inbuilt mic to call.
  5. Comes with Time set mode button, Pairing/Calling button, Next track/FM Freq/Vol Up – Prev track/FM freq/Vol down button, Turn alarm ON/OFF button and Play/Pause/Power button.
  6. 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2 Review

mi basic 2 portable speaker


Who don’t like to buy Xiaomi devices. The company which taken Indian consumers into storm also has line of two beautifully designed wireless speakers. Mi Speaker Basic 2 is one of them which suits our list. Also, this one is available most of the time.

The only problem with Xiaomi, the reason why I put it into #9 is the availability of products. Other than that. Its a wonderful masterpiece of Mi.

Among other speakers in this list. Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2 offers you 10 hours of music playback. Talking about its look, it has a versatile design which suits any of you room style. What’s better, it comes with inbuilt mic for calling.

Music quality, we better skip it because it really be the greatest among all.


  1. Very stylish design, looks cute and has elegant colors.
  2. Compact in size can fit on your backpack water bottle mesh.
  3. 5W, 2.5X2 speakers for loud and clear music.
  4. Approx 5-6 hours battery on full volume.
  5. It has volume and power buttons on the top.
  6. It comes with AUX port and USB charging only port on the back.
  7. 1 year warranty provided by Mi.

SoundBot SB571 Bluetooth Speaker Review 

SoundBot SB571 12W Bluetooth Speakers


Soundbot SB571 is a serious deal in 1500 price range. This wireless speaker offers complete music system. Its 2x6W speaker generates loud and clear music along with deep bass. Talking about its style, it comes in brick like structure. Also, the pattern on its speaker mesh is quite amazing. Interesting to know that Soundbot get its reputation on Indian market from this bluetooth speaker.


  1. Stylish rectangular bluetooth speaker big enough to pack 2x6W speaker, compact enough to sit on your shelf.
  2. Support almost every device with Bluetooth as it has Bluetooth 3.0
  3. Inbuilt mic.
  4. Play/Pause button, Track controls, Call attend/reject button, and volume controls.
  5. It comes with LED indicator for battery status.
  6. Although company market it has 12 hours backup. User reported that it smoothly cross over the limit on a bit lower sound from max (60%).
  7. 1 year warranty provided by manufacturer

Philips BT64 Bluetooth Speaker Review 

Philips BT64R Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Being a Philips fan is uber cool because you find a huge variety of entertainment devices. Let’s come to another Philips bluetooth speaker BT64. BT64 offers you more than just wireless connectivity. It allow you both AUX and TFlash support. TFlash means you can insert your memory card into it. Though phone memory making memory cards obsolete. You can keep one onto it to play it anytime without switching to Bluetooth.

On the brightest side, these two connectivity offers longer battery life to speaker. As well as your phone battery will not consumed.

Other than that, this 3W speaker comes in rectangle shape and quite compact size. There are total of 4 color options to choose from. Let’s check out its features first.


  1. Compact shape and bright colors.
  2. Weigh just 145g, although it looks heavy in snapshots.
  3. Perfect music, great bass and balanced treble as reported by 66% positive reviews.
  4. Although battery backup is not mentioned, I can presume that it goes 4-5 hours on bluetooth.
  5. Inbuilt mic for calling.
  6. Provide volume rockers, play pause and calling controls and power button on the top side.
  7. 1 Year warranty provided by Philips.
That’s all out of my list. Would you like to input review from your experience? Make yourself home and comment it out. I will be glad if you share your headphone experience with our other readers.


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