Top 10 Best Games for your Vivo Y53, Y55 & Other Low End Phones

best android games for vivo

Best Android Games for Low End Phones

I was Looking for best android games for vivo smartphone. But unfortunately haven’t found which works flawaless for long time? Though vivo smartphones are very versatile in doing my day to day task. They have comparatively lower SoC than Xiaomi at even lower price. For gaming, they are just average due to lesser internal storage and very average Processor. Vivo Funtouch OS on the hand albeit a better memory management system. Which gives you a little relief for medium end gaming.

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Today, we’ll discuss the Top 10 best android games for Vivo Y53 and higher devices. These top 10 best android games are not very high end but gives you console quality performance. Depending on your choice, I am listing those android games which you will love and gives you replay value.

Best Android Games for Vivo Y53 & Y55

So, let’s we start with #1.

Guns of Boom

Download Guns of Boom

No.1 on our list is Guns of Boom. This is very well appreciated online PvP game in the market. It is free and allow you to play with huger arsenals of weapons for free. The best part of this game, it allow Autofire. It means you need not to focus on enemy and tap shoot button. Just hover your cross hair on it.

Guns of Boom works utterly-buttery smooth on my Vivo device. Though the only issue you may face is server lags due to high ping rate. Other than the game will run without performance issue.

50 Loops

Download 50 Loops

50 Loops is the most amazing endless running game for android for 2018. 50 Loops mechanism is like other games in genre, but it requires a keen focus when playing. In 50 Loops, the biggest suspense is what happens when we cross the 50th Loop.

The game requires you to cross loops after loops without getting failed. For every crossed loop you will receive credits. Credits will help you to revive when you failed to cross any loop. This game looks very simple at first but in actual it is very challenging as with loops the rage will increases.

If you like to face challenges, go download it from play store. Works A-OK on any mid to low end device.

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FZ9 Timeshift – Legacy of the Cold War

Download FZ9 Timeshift

If you want action in your life. FZ9 Timeshift is that console quality android game which you deserve. The best part of this game is its free.

In FZ9 timeshift, you see the world from the eyes of the Mak. An American Soldier whose mission is to completely eradicate the terrorist organisation. You have the ability to stop time and using it as advantage you will progress in this game. FZ9 offer you to move your hands on various army grade weaponry. Its amazing graphics and mind blowing animations is a big plus to keep you hooked. Easy controls and touch sensitivity is perfect to take moving headshots.

FZ9 Timeshift works good for any device. The game also offer you to change visual setting to adjust as per your mobile performance. I highly recommend you to play this game.

N.O.V.A Legacy

Download N.O.V.A Legacy

Although the original N.O.V.A is too huge for mid or low end phones. Gameloft launched the little version of its which works really smooth. N.O.V.A Legacy, needless to say offers amazing gameplay value which you except from Gameloft.

N.O.V.A Legacy comes in 28MB package which runs without any performance issue. Also, save your data size. But, this can only be play when you’re connected to internet.

In N.O.V.A Legacy you will be Kal whose mission is to fight against Alien Invaders to protect humanity. Side by side, your mission is also to uncover the secret agenda behind their sudden assault. In short, you need to kill aliens with Sci-Fi weapon in outer-space.

Badminton League by RedFish Games

Download Badminton League

Badminton League by RedFish Games is the one of the most beautiful and easy to play sports game I’ve ever played. Its not just your time killer games android market offer. It can be very serious when you play tournament or play against your friend.

Badminton League follows on the footstep of modern gaming status quo. Which is vector themed gaming. This android game looks very beautiful and also runs smoothly on low-mid end devices. Controls are well aligned and easy to trigger. The ingame UI offers Forward-Backward, Hit-Smash and Skill buttons. It is easy to play but provides you with commitment and replay value.

Must try it if you’re not into hack and slash gaming.

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Stranger Things the Game by BonusXP

Download Stranger Things

Its not the fan made game but the original Netflix game developed by BonusXP. Stranger Things as its original storyline put you in the combat of Hooper and Kids vs the Secret Authority. This stranger things android game is based on top-down, pixel themed environment. The game includes –

  • Original cast kids and Hooper as playable characters
  • Puzzle solving
  • RPG elements like skills and upgrades, different for every characted
  • Interactivity with other NPC’s
  • A big open world map

It is easy to say that this cult-classic game will offer you even more commitment than any GTA Series game available for android. If you don’t trust me, go and check out by yourself. For me, this is one of best android games for vivo y53.

Attack on Saiyan

Download Attack On Saiyan

Dragon Balls Z fan? How can we disappoint you brother. Attack on Saiyan is one of many dragon ball game on android you will love to play. This RPG game has simple rules, attack and Defend. Your objective is to fight against the enemy force. In your battle you can recruit your companions and with your progress you will receive fabulous gears.

So, Warrior you must to checkout this game if you like to keep the Dragon Ball spirit.


Download Morphite

Have you ever played Ravensword Shadowlands? The amazing Skyrim style android game. The developer behind it brings a whole new but inter-galactic battle game, Morphite.

Mophite, for clarification is the planet name which is our main objective. The game itself is based on outer space. This is a free to explore game. Though the original storylines mission are paid.

Morphite offers you vast open world (planets) to explore. But watch out, there are danger at every place. From small spiders to humongous monster and extreme climate. Morphite android game is full on fun actions. If you are a fan of Space based games our wanted to try out a whole new open world game for android. You should check it out.

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Download KUBOOM

Why its on #9? Explanation, we’re not making a list of top-to-worse or vice versa. Its just a list. KUBOOM is another PvP online FPS battle game in this list. And being in this list means it works amazingly smooth in our Vivo phone.

KUBOOM is the most closest CS:GO game for android. Though other based on making simmilar maps. KUBOOM offer you the best ever controls smoothness, graphic quality and the most important gameplay value. Just like Guns of Boom, KUBOOM provides autofire. It has large arsenal for you to try.

Though there are lot of features left behind by developers as the game is in early stage. However, for being a csgo inspired game for android. KUBOOM is way advance than its competitors.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Download Minecraft PE

Play it as you like. Minecraft PE is the most awesome pc game port for android ever made. Though, the game is paid, it worth any-penny you spend on it.

Minecraft Pocket Edition just like the original PC game. Offers you Survival and Creative mode. With support to play online with friends. You can change skin, load new maps and install seeds using mods available on playstore.

Though, Minecraft is very cult-classic game. Anyone who play Subway Surfer, Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends or related games will find it interesting to play. So, start playing it.


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