How to Benchmark Android Phone Battery with Extreme Battery Torture Test?

battery benchmark

Understanding the Basic for Battery Benchmark

Battery Benchmark for android phone battery is not as simple as you may think of. Depending upon the choice of chipset and number of cr-apps stuff. Your 2500 mAh battery results different than that other device with same reading. When you’re hunting a phone on the youtube first of all make sure your expectation with different chipset differs.

Just for your Knowledge

battery benchmark snapdragon
Snapdragon Processor

MediaTek chipset uses same CPU for different usage like for WiFi, providing the display signal, capturing photos, etc. A Snapdragon on the other hand balance performance with separate adapter. Say, display deals with separate display adapter and camera with the camera adapter. In short, Snapdragon will take less load on the CPU and keep your device cool. Therefore, MTK heats much and Snapdragon heats less.

How to Benchmark Your Phone Battery Performance

I think the basics are cleared to you. Let’s move on to the actual test. But before we need two required apps. Plus, uninstall or disable any Battery related bloatware (if possible).

Apps Required

MX Player – MX Player provides better video playback than competition and HW Acceleration.
CCLeaner – Clear cache before proceeding to make it more obvious.

We will need to download games, but for the test sake we’re skipping the download for now.

Let’s Start with the Battery Benchmark Test

battery benchmark
Extreme Battery Torture test
  1. Fully discharge your battery
  2. Connector charger when switched off
  3. Switch ON device when around 90% and put it on Airplane mode
  4. Let it charge 100% and disconnect charger after 10 minutes
  5. Let it discharge a bit say 5% keep 4G data or WiFi ON
  6. Open MX Player and start playing an FHD video with HW acceleration enabled
  7. Play the video for 3 to 4 hours and stop playing
  8. Note it down the battery percentage
  9. Use 4G internet and download memory extensive game, say Asphalt:Airborne
  10. Play it for around an hour
  11. Note down your battery percentage
  12. Now use WiFi and download CPU extensive game like NOVA 3. If you’re low in data just download Asphalt Nitro
  13. Play it for around an hour and record battery percentage
  14. Till now you have data for video playback, internet surfing using 4G and WiFi, memory CPU extensive test
  15. Now leave your phone on standby for around couple of hours
  16. If your phone survive, play another Asphalt 8 for another hour
  17. Now if your phone remains around 20% or so left, I suggest you to play youtube video and …
  18. Let it discharge

Understanding the Battery Benchmark Torture Test

We first played a couple of movies in order to run multiple test at once. While watching the movie we have put the Display Adapter, CPU, Speaker at the run. In modern chipset we have a separate display adapter to process display signal, say Snapdragon 410. Each and every components in motion are consuming battery while you are watching the movie. So in this test we have put our phone to moderate stage in order to run our test.

Memory extensive games take much of your memory and use the moderate cores of CPU. Asphalt Airborne is our best choice here. In this test we consume battery for audio signals, display signals, CPU and heavy usage of memory. Oh, and to play games like that we need to connect to either mobile data and connectivity. Which means an extra load on the battery.

CPU extensive games use the hard cores of the CPU, requires heavy memory too. It can not be smooth by putting a memory idle. In this case we are sure to use display, audio and connectivity signals with the gaming cores and memory.

Youtube test is one of my favorites. Sitback and enjoy your favorite Markiplier lets play or Cinemasins goof. This test uses connectivity signal, speaker or analog (headphone) signal, display adapter and a CPU. That’s it buddy, Enjoy.

markiplier gif
Markiplier dancing

The Actual Result

With the help of these readings you can conclude the actual battery performance of the phone. For instance, I have put down an easy example below.

Say you have android phone with 2500 mAh – 3000 mAh battery reading. The result can be anything depends upon where your smartphone battery goes down. Considering your phone survive 10 hours completing all the step. Then I am confident in saying your phone rocks.
If your phone dies in Step 12. You should care about your battery.
Considering it completed all the steps and still running with 10+ percentile, we can call it healthy battery.


Let me lend your mind for a moment friend. In the first step you have discharged your battery, right? You might have played a bunch of games or used Facebook? Whatever you have done let’s keep it aside.
Fast Charge Mode – The second step here is to charge your phone on switched off mode. Why? Because no operation make your phone to charge faster.
Absorption charging – Then you switch ON your device to around 90%. And let it charge to 100%.
Trickle Charging – Remember, I told you to keep it charging even after reaching 100%. Now this is trickle charging, which means charging the battery to fullest capacity.

donald duck dank meme

Did you just noticed we have gone through 3 stages of smart charging? Yes and as a result we also calibrated our battery for extreme performance. Now ran a full day test and let me know what you have come with?


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