Antispam Bee Review & How to: Get Rid of Spam Comments on WordPress from the Very First Day


About Spam Comments in WordPress

WordPress CMS is the favorite target for spammers. Not just for spammers, but the easiest target for spamming tools too. The reason behind spam comments on wordpress site is that WordPress is not an absolute suite in itself. Blogger on the other hand comes with its own security features. However, in WordPress, you need to install plugins to extend its securities. A naked wordpress can’t do much in itself.
The major reason behind is there are higher chances people left comments moderation disable.

Yet other way of spamming WordPress powered blog is using Pingback. Pingback is not meant for spamming. But figured out it as the easiest way to do so by blackhaters.

To disable these spam comments and pingbacks out of your blog. All you need is a free WordPress plugin.

And yes, I am not talking about Akismet at all.! ?

Before I start with Antispam Bee review. I would like to show how to install and get it working.

So, start with the basics. ?

How to Install Antispam Bee in WordPress Blog

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New > enter Antispam Bee in the search field and click Install. After it installed, click Activate.
    If you’re getting an unexpected error in your wordpress plugin page. Download the plugin from this link and upload zip file via FTP. Go to Plugins > Installed plugins and activate it from there.
  2. You will find Antispam bee control panel from Settings > Antispam bee.
  3. From the antispam bee settings you will find three sections. Antispam filter and Advanced & More. Now better keep everything as it is for basic reason. Check the Allow comments only in certain language and select English.
  4. Enable Spam counter on the dashboard to display spam records right on dashboard.
  5. Check Delete comments by spam reasons to keep your database size low.



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