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Every tech blog may post something similar but, no, they are not same. Envytechblog is made with intention to make every complicated tutorial and review easy to understand. The usage of vocabulary language is minimal here. I make post in as Lyman as possible. Short sentences & complete information is always my practice.

Our Mission

Wits-Y contents – I have missed something in every blog. And that something is what I call “wits”. I always put something funny in my content. Call it Gif (jif mofucka) images, catchy words, slang or meme.

Less SEO centric post – SEO is secondary for me. What important is my visitor can understand my language. Keyword stuffing sucks.!!

Understand to easy Language – Yoda one which matters. Language is essential for any blog. Keeping the language is simple but many other prefer word choices. Right? For me, their is no need to put complicated language and word choice. Be simple dude. I may position appealing context to my webpage for visitors to gain their fathom. But, who fu**** cares.

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This is new blog with crazy intention and simple word choice. Don’t you think this website should be in front page of reddit, flipboard or medium? If you’re one of the star please care to share my little blogsite. If you are just another web surfer please care to hit those share button. Like us on Facebook, Insta and other pages too.

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