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About ABA English Mobile App

ABA English (American & British Academy English) provides free and premium English speaking classes through their website. The ABA is a quick way to learn English from video lectures and short films. I have not find company establishing date on the internet. Hence, Who.is provides the required information.


I also dig down to know more and we found the open information too which is a good sign for any organisation. Should I remind them their domain subscription is about to expire anyway? Nah.

aba english


ABA English Mobile App Review

ABA English app itself is a complete English teaching companion. The free feature of this app is limited to lectures. Therefore, you need to pay to get complete features of the app after 1st unit. In free version I am able to study the video tutorial only, no assessment and exercise is free.

Talking about its layout. App has a very easy to use interface comparing with few other apps I’ve used. HQ icons and graphic used for development. Furthermore, color scheme match with current trend standards.


  • Free English video lessons with premium packs at very cheap cost.
  • App motive is to inspire English teaching with engaging short video films.
  • Real time role plays with AI.
  • Learn the right way of pronouncing common/complex words and sentences.
  • It uses JW player which automatically detect internet speed to show videos.
  • 6 different levels from Beginners to Business. Each has their own teaching model.
  • Assessment after every unit to test what you have learned.
  • Private tutor to help you learn English with advice and instructions according to your progress.
  • Multi device sync – Sync your progress made in android to iOS or website.
  • Official ABA certificate which you will get after completing each level.
  • Premium users can download the lessons.
  • Most noteworthy, it perfectly runs on 2G speed. May vary with telecom and coverage.

ABA English Mobile App Pricing

ABA English is free for individual video lessons only. You need to be premium subscriber to experience full features by paying a fee. With premium feature you will be able to unlock, video films, write exercise, speak & interpret exercises and certificates features.

ABA English has three different plans –

  • Pay 1450 INR for 1 Months.
  • 4300 INR in single payment or 716.67 per month for 6 Months.
  • 3450 INR in single payment or 287.50 per month for 12 Months.

How to install and start using ABA English App

  1. Install app from Play Store or App Store.
  2. Login with Facebook or G+, or Email.
  3. You can access first unit completely without any payment.
  4. You need to pay to unlock the complete course refer to sec 4.
  5. For payment you need to have CC/DB card, Reedem code or Netbanking. If you’re a
  6. RuPay card user, remember you can pay with Paytm, Pocket Wallet or buy a physical gift card.
  7. Study the sections 1 by 1. Start with Video lecture then go through video film. This is the chronological way it should be. But the app somehow suggest you to study video film.


  • Bit hefty pricing.
  • It seems like glitching sometime. especially while I am doing vocabulary exercise. The listen icon has on the overlay and it remained there without any voice.
  • Something is missing, this app should teach a new word everyday.
  • Also, this mobile app should give an instruction or key note, while loading or splash screen.
  • Missing about page.
  • Missing chatbot.
  • They should start chronologically. First the video lecture should be taught, then video film, then vocabulary and then then interpretation.
  • I get confused with what accent the teachers are really concerned about. Some sounds British accent and some film actors sounds American accent and some other accent. This app should focus on only one accent rather both at same time.

Is ABA English Mobile App is differ with Real World Classrooms?

speak english app

Learn English anywhere – anytime in the world – Their is no requirement to attend coaching class like in real world. You can study anywhere even at your toilet. Furthermore, you can take your lessons offline (download) while connected to internet and study them later.
Learn to anytime use your mobile – Their is no fixed time to study with this mobile app.
No unnecessary chit chat – They will not waste your time teaching how they used to college in their times. Every lesson is study-centric and provide you with new words with every watch.
No companion required – You, your smartphone and headphone with mic.
Hone your skill any time – You can practice one exercise after completing level or the full course. Practice any time you wish to. With every attempt you will improve on something.


My motive in this post is to help people find the right app for the right purpose. If you have a better or cheaper suggestion in mobile app section. Raise your voice.
If you want to get your app reviewed, make a quality app and contact me via this page. That will be free.



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