7 Essential WordPress Plugins Every Blogger on the Web Should Be Using


Do you using the essential wordpress plugins recommended for speed, performance and security. Not? Then consider this scenario.

Did you know?

There are 27% blog out of entire web running on WordPress CMS. This count concludes approximately 76.5 million blogs. In case your blog hosted on shared hosting service. Chances are that your blog is one out of 10000’s of blog hosted on single server. Their will be a need to make your wordpress running blog safe and optimized for performance.

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins which Every Blooger on the Web Should be Using

Today at envytechblog we have compiled a list of 7 essential wordpress plugins just for you


AMP is an open source project initiated by Google. It aims to provide high performance engaging web content including ads on mobile devices. AMP supported pages does not increase your SERP ranking, but help you to reduce bounce rate. AMP wordpress plugin is a product of WordPress official developer Auttomatic. It will allow google to display minimalist – amplified version when on mobile. AMP-less pages do not have low page rank. But, who would like to wait 30s to 40s, allowing your site to load fonts, heavy images?

AntiSpam Bee

Your wordpress blog is 100% prone to spam-comments without any aid. Antispam bee is the best akismet alternative to get rid of spam comments on wordpress. Antispam bee is completely free wordpress plugin with optional donation support.  Bee works automatically. Just install and activate it no more headache required. It have some additional options for more controls. With it you can disable any specific country to comment on your blog.

Theme Addons 

Modern wordpress themes come with many or single addons. Some of the theme elements might depends on the plugin on a few cases. It is better to install them whether they are for performance or for visual. You still have choice to skip plugins like Visual compose, social share or contact form.


Wordfence is the most popular wordpress plugin of 2017 recommended by Shoutmeloud. This wordpress plugin works exactly like swiss knife packed with many essential features. It comes with its own security scanner option to scan for any type of spam or threat in your site.
It has its own firewall which allows login limit, bruteforce protection, crawling protection.
Under blocking section we can disable specific IP address, blocking specific country. We can enable the google analytics spam filter by blocking host name including user agent.
We have found many more features in this plugin which we will cover later in a separate post.
In Lyman language, WordFence is awesome, it provide much protection to your blog.

WP Super Cache

If you can’t afford to buy a CDN for your site, WP Super Cache will help you for free. Super Cache performance plugin for wordpress is a product of official developer Attomatics. WP Super Cache recommended by every second pro blogger.
Enabling it is easy. Install it and go to dashboard (Settings > WP Super Cache) then enable caching.
You can enable page compression for better performance. You can find it under Advanced > miscellaneous > first option. If for any reason your new changes would not reflect on your site, goto Content and delete both caches. Like every second blogger on the web I recommend you to use WP Super Cache. its free and super effective and an official plugin for wordpress.

SEO Yoast 

If for any reason you missed SEO Yoast, you missed a lot of traffic to your site. Yoast SEO gives you more control over your page meta content. With Yoast SEO you can edit SEO title, meta description. Apart form SEO, SEO yoast also helps you improve post readability. It forces you to write in active voice and scan for The Flesch Reading Test rating. Summing up both we get win win situation here for better SEO.


You might installed WP Super Cache & integrated CDN with your blog. Still gtmetrix showing very high load time. Is that your blog story too? If yes, then I would like to tell you that caching is not enough. The other side of the quest how to compress image size. SmushIt is recommend by WPMU Dev. Smush compresses images on your wordpress site without compromising with quality. It can compress 500KB image to 100KB or less depending on color channels on an image file. In simple words, having low size image make your site load faster than heavy images. Don’t trust me, take a test with or without it on gtmetrix.
These are few of our best choices of wordpress plugins. If you consider to add something be sure to comment it out.



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